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I help clients make a success of their online brand incorporating modern creative design coupled with the latest web and online marketing technologies. I always put the end user at a centre of attention during any project development cycle to ensure the best possible experience. The services include digital design and related consultancy including web and user interface design for desktop and mobile platforms, application development, online marketing with full automation and performance tracking as well as Search Engine Optimisation for natural and paid search results. With employment of state-of-the-art collaboration platforms, you as a client can have constant and easy access to the project design and delivery status, allowing you to track and oversee the progress at all times ensuring that any issues emerging during development can be rectified quickly.

Web Design and Development

Understanding your business and the target market is the key to developing a successful product. With that covered you will be in control of every stage of the design and development loop by introduction of clever collaboration platforms.

Online Marketing Production

There is no business without marketing. Banners, landing pages, print collateral, video ads, events, merchandise and more will be taken care of. Even aerial photography. Every marketing campaign can be measured and optimised to maximise effectiveness.

Business Automation

When the business takes off its operations may become challenging to handle. Automating business processes using state-of-the-art CRM and marketing automation platforms will make your business efficient and your life easier.


Here are examples of recent projects.

CitiFX Pro

Web Design and Development


Web Design and Development

CitiFX Pro App

Mobile App Design

Ancestry Shop

Web Design


Web Design and Development

Email Marketing

Email Design and Development

Flash Banners

Banner Design

Rich Media Banners

Video Banner Design

Viral Advertisement

Video Production


"Creativity takes courage" - Henri Matisse

Mirek Dehmel

Digital Design and Marketing Specialist

In my work I always look at aims and aspirations of the brand, explore the environment's possibilities and restraints, and focus on user-experience and quality. While working on any kind of project I always try to build customer's input into the development loop, appraising concepts stage by stage. My experience overall means that I can guarantee synchronisation with launch and campaign schedules, and meet deadlines.


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